The Apotheosis Project was created by an indie developer known as Midian Design. The median design has made games such as Doc Apocalypse, Oz Orwell: The Crawling Chaos and Quantumnauts among others. Screen 7 is the game’s publisher.


The main objective of the game is to use supernatural powers to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as the characters attempt to free themselves from prison and the island.

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The game includes obstacles such as floating robot sentinels, unusual cars, cockroach-like beings, Howard, the fish man, and a typewriter with a hoarse voice. These make it interesting and amusing.

The graphics are unsophisticated and simple. Interesting and informative cutscenes intersperse the game.

There are puzzles that you will need to solve in order to find items that are to be used in the right way. As you carry out simple tasks that pop up, you will earn more points. A note appears on your screen (the top right side) indicating the points you have scored. It is not necessary for you to do every little thing to get to the end, but the more you do these activities, the more points you amass.


The two characters have voices which are distinctly different. It is easy to differentiate between Penelope and Aaron. Their voices appear throughout the game. The two characters have conversations that are flavoured with humour and vulgar language as well.

The characters have different opinions concerning various developments. They also have different personalities that make it amusing to have them interact with each other. In the game, the inventory gallery will pop up when you move the cursor to the screen’s bottom. If you want to use either Penelope or Aaron, the character icons will enable you to. The help icon will also give you directions which will assist you in playing the game more easily.

There are instances that you will need to take up a position either as Penelope or as Aaron. You are allowed to switch the two characters at will which is essential. They are supposed to carry out different activities at particular points. At other times they will work together to solve various problems in the game. They will exchange various items. Therefore, it becomes very effective if the two characters work collectively.

The Game

It is a game that involves two characters who go by the names Penelope Barker and Aaron S. Reid. They are agents of Pandora Global Corp, a governmental organization that works hand in hand with the CIA. Without the main characters’ knowledge, the organization has made them guinea pigs in a risky project. The project involves an experiment of modifying their DNA which ends up giving them extraordinary powers.

Only Pandora Parlow, Pandora Global Corps' head, knows the actual agenda of the mission the two characters are sent to accomplish. Intentionally, they are misled and directed to go and realize “Project Apocalypse.” They are assigned with fake money and upon reaching their contact the money lands them in prison on a remote island.

With the lack of the required antidote, their powers surface. This enables them to escape from the prison and also from the island which is a difficult task. They can do it though - with your help!

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